About us

With over a decade of experience within the eyelash and brow industry, The Eyelash Design Company brings you the newest beauty retail destination, for all things lashes and brows. Housing our expert and industry loved brands….

We are a global eyelash extension supplier and expert lash trainer that has been used and loved by salons and customers for over a decade. In succession we have just delivered a premium luxe retail line that will truly evolve our already cult brand.

Lash FX is shaping up the lash world. With buildable mascaras, fun coloured liners and much more – it’s no surprise our products have been loved by beauty writers and influencers from the get go.

Your brow’s new best friend. From powder pens, to waxes, to highlighters and pencils, our mission is very simple – for everyone to have perfect brows​.

Taking the internet by storm, our magnetic lashes blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes using small yet powerful magnets. These innovative lashes are fast becoming a beauty favourite due to their fast and reusable nature, plus no lash glue needed!