Build Me Up Mascara

There is no doubt that a good mascara is a girl’s best friend, especially with the party season creeping up on us.

We all want thick, long lashes to complete any makeup look and it is essential a mascara does a variety of things to boost your lashes, but it mostly rests on the wand and the formula.

Enter Lash FX Build Me Up Mascara…

The Build Me Up Mascara has a unique 2-step application wand and a specially designed formula perfect for use on lash extensions and on natural lashes.

Using the first step, a small amount of the product is applied to the lashes thanks to the mascara tube’s clever product distributing feature.

When using step one, a beautifully natural look can be created.

For a more intense mascara style, you can add step two to the lashes – this creates a more dramatic look as more product is applied to the lashes. Step one can also be applied to lashes again after step two to create a more defined style.

Using step one alone is sometimes enough during the day – while at night you can add step two to create more drama and volume in your lashes.

This expertly formulated, water-washable, oil-free two-step mascara is perfect to apply to the tips of the lash extensions to add that extra touch of drama and on natural lashes to create a darker and more glamorous look.

While wearing lash extensions, it is important to avoid oil-based products on the lashes and around the eye area – this mascara has been specially designed to suit both natural lashes and extensions, and can easily be removed with an oil-free eye makeup remover such as the ​Lash FX Foaming Lash Cleanser.

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