Trend Alert: Coloured Eyeliner

Lash FX Liner

Here at The Beauty Hive HQ we have a bit of a love/hate relationship with eyeliner. Getting those flicks and wings selfie ready can be a huge chore, but once your liner is looking on point it makes your eyes pop like nothing else! The Lash FX Liquid Coloured Eyeliner is easy to use – its fine tip makes it super simple to create perfect feline flicks. The Lash FX Liquid Coloured Eyeliners come in five gorgeous hues; read on to explore each unique shade and find the perfect one to suit you.


The Lash FX Liquid Eyeliner in Sage is a gorgeous emerald green shade. Brown eyes pair well with almost every liner shade, however using a bright pop of colour will offer the ultimate striking look. This pop of emerald will dazzle behind big brown doe eyes.

Lash FX Green EyelinerGet yours here.


Great for warm skin tones! The Lash FX Liquid Eyeliner in Black is classic and goes with every outfit. This is a beauty bag essential for defining the eyes – add a feline flick and a cut crease eye for maximum glamour!

Applying Black Liquid LinerGet yours here. 

French Grey

Black eyeliner can sometimes look harsh against fairer skin tones as it can enhance dark circles under the eye. Grey is a great substitute for making you selfie ready without taking the attention away from your other features, and is ideal for a more subtle liner look. Try the Lash FX Liquid Eyeliner in French Grey.

Grey Lash FX EyelinerGet yours here.

Marine Blue

All you blue eyed beauties need a Navy liner! The Lash FX Liquid Eyeliner in Marine Blue offers a darker contrast to accentuate the lighter shades of blue in the iris. Blue is also known to bring out brown eyes because of the striking contrast between the two.

Blue liquid liner Get yours here. 


Purple liner like the Lash FX Liquid Eyeliner in Mulberry makes hazel eyes really shine because it brings out the iris’s gold and green tones. This shade of purple is subtle and looks elegant across the lash line subtly defining gorgeous hazel eyes.

Mulberry lash FX LinerGet yours here.