How to grow your eyelashes naturally

How to grow your eyelash

Diamonds were a girl’s best friend, then came lashes…

Once upon a time in the Beauty Hive HQ, a bunch of lash obsessed girls were on the lookout for the best tricks for growing longer, more luscious lashes. They tried and tested every home remedy and were left disappointed by the myths that just didn’t deliver. Then one day, Lash FX Grow Me Up Lash Serum brushed its way into their lives and just like magic, this fairy godmother in a tube really worked. Goodbye weak lashes… hello happily ever after!

The Lash FX Grow Me Up Lash Serum is a revolutionary product – it contains the active growth enabling ingredient, Capixyl, which has been tried, tested and proven to promote healthy hair growth over a period of just 8 weeks. This product is suitable for all lashes – whether they are thin and damaged or just in need of a little boost, this is a must have product that you need right now! Top Tip: This product isn’t just for eyelashes – brush over your brow hair for thicker bolder brows!

How does it work?

Capixyl is an innovative and powerful cosmetic ingredient providing fuller, thicker and more luscious looking lashes. It is a complex combination of red clover extract rich in Biochanin A. This special formula encourages lash growth and improves the strength of lashes, transforming them with every application. Capixyl was analysed by professionals who counted lashes under a biomicroscope – the results showed that the density of lashes increased up to 27% after 8 weeks (with application twice per day).

Apply this special formula to your lashes twice a day from the lash line up, coating them evenly, then sit back and watch Capixyl work its lash magic. Apply one coat in the morning as part of your everyday beauty routine (under mascara) and apply another coat just before bed on cleansed lashes. Within only a few weeks you will start to notice a significant difference!

Warning: this product may encourage more selfies!

Top Tip: Apply a little bit of product with a mini makeup brush or cotton bud directly across the lash line for maximum penetration of the hair follicles.

Becca from Your Beauty Hive HQ shows you her results with the Grow Me Up Lash Serum over six weeks and her lashes (below) showed significant growth and looked visibly fuller!

how to grow your eyelashes naturally


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