How to Remove Your Lashes – Step By Step Guide

Lash Lockdown Care & Removal Kit

By now many of us are weeks into our eyelash extensions, a few of them have already started to shed and with lash appointments cancelled, you’ve probably decided it’s time to remove them. Whilst we’re at home, why not use this opportunity to embrace your natural lashes?

Ensure your lashes are in perfect condition for your next appointment by following our simple steps below on how to use the Lash Lockdown Care and Removal Kit!

Take a look at our how-to video!

Step by Step Guide:
To begin the removal of your eyelash extensions, dispense a small amount of the Lift Off Foaming Cleanser into the palm of your hand. Using the Cleansing Brush, cleanse lashes and around the eye area. Wipe or wash away any excess cleanser and then repeat this step on the other eye to ensure the eye area is completely clean.

Working on only one eye at a time, take your first Gel Patch and peel away the transparent backing. Apply the gel patch underneath the lower lashes close to the lower lid and then close one eye.

Open your gel remover – this could be a twist pen in which case rotate the base of the pen clockwise to allow the gel to appear or a small bottle, simply open the top and gently squeeze the product out.

Then apply the remover directly onto a small wisp of cotton wool and lay across the lash bonds, where the natural lashes and the extensions are. Make sure to keep your eye shut at this stage! Cotton wool should be wet but not dripping with product.

Keep eyes still for around 10-15 minutes depending on how many lashes you are removing. The more lashes need removing, the longer you should leave the product on.

After the time has elapsed, wipe in a downwards direction using a damp tissue to sweep away the lashes that have loosened. If you have many lashes left to remove you can repeat this process. Once you are happy that all lashes have been removed, then repeat on the other eye.

Try not to get any product in the eyes but should this happen, rinse your eye through using lukewarm water for around 5 minutes. If the eyes sting, remove the product immediately and flush your eye through.

Aftercare is the best way to maintain your natural lashes, so to rejuvenate them we always recommend Hi Brow Growth and Conditioning Serum which stimulates the hair growth. Sweep over your lashes and brows as part of your nightly regime – this is the perfect time to nourish the hair leaving it feeling conditioned and glossy!

To keep your lashes looking their best during your lash break, you can apply the Lash Perfect Black Mascara! This creamy mascara coats lashes flawlessly, giving natural lashes colour and volume. And, thanks to its oil-free, eyelash extension friendly formula, you can continue using the mascara when you can get you extensions re-applied!

The Lash Lockdown Care & Removal kit is available here!