Lash FX

Insta Lash Kit

(Medium - Long)

Create Insta worthy lashes from the comfort of your own home! The Insta Lash Kit includes all you need to add drama to your lashes, and is easy to do yourself. Cluster lashes are pre-made in fans, so you just have to apply glue to the underside of your lashes, then apply the synthetic lashes to your natural lashes with the Lash FX Hook Tweezers. The Lash Adhesive holds cluster lashes in place perfectly, and is easily removed at the end of the day – much like strip lashes! Available in small-medium, and medium-long length lash sets, depending on how dramatic you’d like your lashes to look! The kit includes a helpful instruction leaflet with a link to our tutorial video!

The set includes:
Premium Cluster Tray Small x1
Premium Cluster Tray Medium x1
Lash Adhesive x1
Lash Fx Hook Tweezers x1
Lash Fx Sparkly Bag x1
Instruction Leaflet x1

How to:
Apply to clean, dry lashes. Apply the Lash Adhesive to the underside of lashes. Gently pick up one fan of lashes from the tray using the Lash FX Hook Tweezers – the lashes should peel from the strip easily. Bring the lashes up to your natural lashes and place them, starting at the outer corner of the eye first. Hold the lash in place until it feels secure. You can make minor adjustments to the placement by nudging the lash with your tweezers. Repeat along the lash line until you achieve the fullness you would like. Wait for the glue to completely set for 10 minutes, then you can apply any other makeup you wish.


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