Lash Perfect

iRevive Brightening Under Eye Patches

with Micro-Current Technology

Revolutionary, unique technology inspired by Asian beauty rituals, stimulates the skin around the eye area, draining away puffiness and encouraging the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Brightening Under Eye Patches with micro-current technology uses graphite magnets to create a magnetic current. Each gel patch has a mix of positive and negative charges which creates this current. The negative magnet repels negative electrons which are found in the moisture of the skin – and vice versa for positive. If a serum, such as Lash Perfect iRevive Brightening Serum with Silk Crystal®️, is used then the positive and negative electrons will attract and repel the molecules found in the cream into the skin. As there is no electric current, a circuit does not need to be made. Charges go back and forth between each other – moisture is a carrier of the magnetic charge. The gel patches work with or without serum, but skin will need a spritz of moisture to activate the magnets.


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