Lash FX

Magnetic Attraction Gift Set

Gift set includes:
Mia Magnetise Magnetic Lashes x 1
Pippa Magnetise Magnetic Lashes x 1
Magnetise Magnetic Eyeliner x 1
Wispy Lash Reusable Zip Bag
Taking lashes to the next level has never been easier, thanks to the Magnetise Magnetic Lash Collection! This set contains a day and night time style, along with the popular Magnetic Eyeliner which enables super fast application! Our revolutionary, easy to apply and reusable Magnetic Lashes are the perfect alternative to strip lashes!
Mia is a delicately wispy style perfect to create a full eye look while Pippa is a fanned and feathery style ideal to add instant glamour to lashes. Both with 3 magnets!