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Wax Perfect

Home Facial Waxing Pen

Wax Perfect, a home facial waxing pen, is ideal for eyebrow waxing and other small areas, such as upper lip, chin, fingers and toes. The innovative design is perfectly angled for a smooth glide to deliver a gentle wax that efficiently and quickly removes unwanted hairs. The soft wax is effective without the need to warm. The wax is simply activated by twisting the bottom of the pen to release the wax through the nozzle, and it is ready to use. With Wax Perfect, no heat is required and the wand is easy to use – a great choice for quick hassle-free effective hair removal. The wax is applied to the desired area in the direction of hair growth. The material strip is then applied over the wax and removed firmly and quickly in the opposite direction to the hair growth, pulling the unwanted hairs from the root.

Set includes Wax Perfect Pen, 20x material wax strips.


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